Madeline Bersamina

Madeline Bersamina became a FIT4MOM client when her daughter Genevieve was about 3 months old and has been hooked on the workout and the community ever since. She still remembers being sore for an entire 3 days after her first curtsy lunges! Madeline became an instructor in December 2016, and loves that this role gives her an opportunity to connect with brand-new moms, as well as share her song stylings with an appreciative infant audience. She enjoys yoga, cooking, and playing at the park with Genevieve.

What's your "why": I am passionate about connecting with new moms! In fact, in addition to teaching FIT4MOM classes, I also lead PEPS groups

Favorite exercise move: Bicep curls

Fun fact: Madeline is also a classical soprano who specializes in Baroque repertoire... when she isn't singing Old MacDonald or Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Wednesday – December 19, 2018