Gwen Reider

Gwen Reider is a Fit4Mom client turned instructor. She discovered and then fell in love with Bridget's Fit4Mom classes after her second son was born. (Was it the speed skaters or the step outs that truly hooked her?? Both are fabulous moves!). Feeling rejuvenated and connected to other moms, Gwen decided to get her instructor license and teach. Gwen and her husband have two children, Isaac and Arthur. She loves to run, travel, and catch up on sleep when she isn't chasing after her kids.

What's your "why": It's the connection between the moms. Community is so important!

Favorite exercise move: Speedskaters

Fun fact: smoked salmon for breakfast is Gwen's perfect way to start the day! You can take the girl out of Alaska, but not the Alaska out of the girl.

Wednesday – December 19, 2018


Friday – December 21, 2018