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Hey Mama, what's your workout?

Preheader text Did you know that we're way more than just strollers? One of the best things about FIT4MOM is that we have fitness for ALL stages of motherhood, starting with prenatal and moving on to mom & me Stroller workouts, kid-free HIIT workouts, run club, AND our Village. Have you had a chance...

Check it out ladies! Stuff. And I am resisting the urge to hashtag it "Stuff and nonsense" a la Marilla Cuthbert (because we know that she would have been all about the hashtags).

I read this on Rants From Mommyland and it really resonated: "People talk about “self care” like it’s all stretchy pants and buying yourself lattes. I must be doing it wrong because it always seems to be about doing things I don’t really want to because they keep me functioning/sane/sort of healthy/not a huge B to my people. Things like getting root canals and sleeping instead of Netflix and NOT EATING DELICIOUS CHEESY GARBAGE." Self care doesn't mean always making the easy decision. Sometimes it means making the doctors appointment or going for that workout - because it turns out that you ultimately feel a lot worse when you skip the important stuff when it all feels too hard. As important as it is to not put too much pressure on ourselves as moms, I think we forget that pressure is what makes diamonds. Balance goes both ways; some days it's grabbing that cookie that looks AMAZING, and some days it's going for that workout even when you may feel more like staying home.

Have you seen that registration is open for the next Body Back session? AND, you have 3 days to save $50! Coupon expires Sunday night. YOU know that you want to sign up, so jump on it! Sessions start the week of 3/12, with the following options (all out of our studio at 8007 Lake City Way NE) M/W/F 5:45am T/F 9:15am (optional childcare) M/W 9:45am (optional childcare) M/W 7:30pm T/Sa 7:00pm/7:30am You in?

Did you see that our Half Marathon training starts THIS SATURDAY? And of course, our 5K/10K training starts 3/3. I know that for many of you ladies, this is a Bucket List item and we want to help you get there! We're training for the Snohomish Women's Run, and would love to have you with us! You in?

BB Times Survey

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Enter to win a $25 Starbucks Card! I'm so excited that now that we have a permanent home for Body Back and Fit4Baby, we can begin adding additional times and days for Body Back!! If you've been interested in joining us but maybe our schedule hasn't worked for you, this is your chance to chime in! The survey is super short, and one lucky lady will win a $25 Starbucks card just for filling it out! Fill it out by Tues at 8pm to be entered (ladies who have already filled it out, you're already entered).

We're hiring this Spring! Do you have a passion for fitness, motherhood, and community? Join our team! I'm looking for more Strides, Body Back (especially Body Back), and Fit4Baby instructors, as well as a couple of behind the scenes roles. Here's the important part: I want all of my beautiful team to really get what makes FIT4MOM special, so I want them to be veterans of our programs. So if this isn't you RIGHT NOW, but you think in the future it could be, let me know and get your booty to a workout! In addition, I'm looking for a couple of special moms who want to help bring us to the next level, and want to both instruct and manage on Queen Anne and Cap Hill. Interested? PM me or email at

Have you had a chance to see our updated Studio schedule? We're offering more and more options for early morning, midmorning, AND evening! Do you see classes that work with your schedule? We'd love to have you!!!

Did you happen to catch that special offer for T/F 9:15 Body Back? Make sure to read the email sent this morning!!! Hint - one is already taken :)

Can I just take a moment to say how amazing it is to have Cara and Lisa step in for me leading our workouts this morning while I go speak to a MOPS group? Trust me, you ladies want to try their workouts! They are both pretty awesome :)

Spring Run Club is here! Have you always wanted to run, but weren't sure how to start? Getting back into running after having a baby? Need a training group with some other cool women? Our Spring Run Club is here! This time around, we have THREE options - 5k, 10k, AND a Half Marathon! We're training for the Snohomish Women's Run May 6 OR the Bellevue 5k/10k April 29. It's going to be awesome, and I cannot wait to have you ladies join us! (Signup details in the comments)


We see you, Mama, sitting in the NICU pumping for your baby, or watching them bottle feed formula because with a premie, your milk didn't come in. We see you, Mama, waking up every hour to breastfeed your baby who was just diagnosed with tongue and lip tie. We see you, Mama, who's up all night warming bottles and mixing formula because you have painful mastitis, blistering raw nipples, or decided breastfeeding just isn't for you. We see you, Mama, pumping all day at work, sneaking away to bathrooms and hall closets or your car when there is no nursing room. We see you, Mama, timid to breastfeed in public for the first time, or whose baby is wrestling under a cover like a wild animal in a cage. We see you, Mama, who had to turn around to head home because you forgot your bottles on your first outing out of the house with a newborn. We see you, Mama, hiding in an airport bathroom trying to breastfeed in peace. We see you, Mama, building that liquid gold stash in your freezer for date nights or when you go back to work. We see you, Mama, taking care of your baby in all the ways that feel right. We see you, Mama, nurturing and feeding your baby with love. We see you, Mama, whether you're exclusively breastfeeding, exclusively pumping, formula feeding, using a milk donor, or supplementing with a combination of the above. We see you, we adore you, we cherish you, and we honor you and your story of motherhood. 🍼💗🍼💙🍼💗🍼 Tomorrow, January 11th, is #NationalMilkDay, and we’re celebrating #fedisbest on our blog. Read our thoughts on nursing, bottle feeding, pumping, and all the miraculous ways Mama is able to nourish and feed her babe(s) on our blog 👇🏻 #strengthinmotherhood #themotherhoodisreal #FIT4MOM

Oh man. Fed is best, mamas.

Fit4Mom Seattle

Are you expecting a baby in 2018? Join us on Saturday at the Studio for our dedicated prenatal class! Workout at 10, followed by snacks! Remember, the link below is private, so if you're not 'out' yet, no one will see. If you're not pregnant but know someone who is, tag them below!

Sharing because FB's algorithm has decided that it doesn't like me today. We've started our fab prenatal workout at the Studio led by the lovely Lisa - join us this Saturday for a free workout to kick it off! If you're not 'out' yet, don't worry because the link is private, though also feel free to tag anyone that *is* that wants to work out with other bumps!

Fitness for 2! Join us Saturday, 1/13 at 10am for our brand new pr...

Fitness for 2! Join us Saturday, 1/13 at 10am for our brand new prenatal workout! And then of course, stay for fun snacks and social time afterward! Details Fit4Baby is intended for women wh...

Are you expecting a baby in 2018? Join us on Saturday at the Studio for our dedicated prenatal class! Workout at 10, followed by snacks! Remember, the link below is private, so if you're not 'out' yet, no one will see. If you're not pregnant but know someone who is, tag them below!

9 Little Known Truths About The Power Of Courage

"If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes. Then learn how to do it later." -- Richard Branson Yes, has m...

I love the idea of "coming from a place of yes". I'm one of those people that can instinctively answer "no" to everything, but you know what? I'm much happier, and have way more fun, and more successful when I start with "yes". Have you tried that this new year? Shift your thinking - instead of focusing on why something won't work or why you can't do it, and start with "Yes! How can I make this work?"

#runclub Okay, realistically if we wanted to start the next iteration before the end of the month, is that enough time for folks to sign up?

I know that it can be hard to get out of the house, especially with a baby. But you know what? If you only come every once in a while, your little will never get used to the routine and being in the stroller. Because I promise you: kids are a lot more flexible than you think. And we are here to help you, to take this hour for you. Because there is no secret. Those moms that you see with their littles happy in the stroller? Their littles may have needed some extra attention to stay happy too. And it's OK. We don't mind if you need help, and we don't mind if your little cries at the end. Just come, Mama. We have a place for you. #thereisnosecret #strollerstrides #themotherhoodisreal

Fitness for 2! Join us Saturday, 1/13 at 10am for our brand new pr...

Fitness for 2! Join us Saturday, 1/13 at 10am for our brand new prenatal workout! And then of course, stay for fun snacks and social time afterward! Details Fit4Baby is intended for women wh...

Hey ladies! Are you working out for 2? We're doing a FREE Fit4Baby workout Saturday at 10, with something fun following (is it too early for ice cream?) and if you're expecting Lisa and I would absolutely love to have you there!!! And of course, tag your prego friends. It's hard to find this stuff, especially if you're a first time mom! And the link is private, so if you're not "public" yet, don't worry.


Thinking about the New Year session of Body Back? Obviously, it’s December 23rd and we’re all a little distracted. But you know what? The morning of the 26th it’s ON. Emails are going out and you ladies are getting signed up. #itshappening #beready #justsurvivethenextfewdays #bodyback #fit4mom

I'm getting into my New Year's planning, and I have to admit, every year I struggle a bit. If you've noticed, I don't do the whole "New Year, New You" narrative. It's weird. There are a lot of great reasons why we should get active, like 'good health' and 'feeling good'. But I feel like I'm also being deliberately obtuse if I pretend like many of us aren't hoping to lose weight when we take a fitness class. After all, that was where I was when I started. How do I balance this? Acknowledge that after a period of our lives that involves gaining a whole bunch of weight, the thing that folks want to hear about is how the hell to move that scale back down? But I still want each and every one of you ladies to know that you are SO MUCH more than just a number on the scale. Because the truth is, there is no secret when it comes to losing weight. Eat lots of veggies, not a lot of sugar. Move your body. And now do this consistently. The secret part? It's in getting to a point where you're ready to change. Because where we get stuck is that you don't change if you keep doing the exact same things that you did before. #newyear #bodyback #dontneedanewyou #stuff #fit4mom #fit4momseattle #themotherhoodisreal

Do you spend the holiday season living off of Christmas cookies and a lot of wine? Do you find yourself overwhelmed, and MEAN to get in a workout but it never seems to happen? Does working out actually help you to feel better? Do your pants fit differently on December 26? Mama, we get it. The holidays are a crazy time of year, no matter what you celebrate. They're filled with friends, family, a LOT of food, and it can be hard to take care of yourself. Our Holiday session is all about honoring yourself and your traditions, but also learning how to celebrate in a way that doesn't leave you feeling hungover for a month straight. Join us. Grab your spot now, because Early Bird ends on Tuesday night!!! We want you to join us, how can we help get you in? #themotherhoodisreal #bodyback #bootcamp #hiit #seattlemom #momlife #holidaysurvival

Surprisingly lovely morning at Greenlake today! We're just about into Fall, and yet we lucked out with a great hour for Strides this morning. #strollerstrides #wedidnthavetotrainintherain #fit4mom

Tomorrow is the day! Join us at 9:30 at Greenlake for our Back To School Celebration - a free Stroller Strides class, snacks, swag bags for the first 40 folks to RSVP (link in the comments!), and some raffle prizes. Will you be there?

These ladies KILLED IT at the Women of Wonder race this morning! And it's because of the hard work they put in. They have been training for these past 8 weeks with our Run Club, and today's race was their victory lap. Congratulations! #womenofwonder #motherrunner #fit4mom #runclub #theykilledit

What's in this envelope, you ask? Just gift certificates from Super Jock n Jill, to raffle off for our Back To School Celebration on the 20th! You coming?

Stuff is rolling in for our swag bags for our Back To School celebration! Check this out - Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer! This stuff is awesome, and I don't know about you ladies, but my makeup routine is FAST nowadays. This stuff goes such a long way to help set and perfect foundation, and considering that my makeup routine is foundation and mascara, this is awesome!! One of these will be in each of our swag bags that are going to our first 25 people that have RSVP'd! Do you or someone you know have something that would like to see featured in our gift bags or as a raffle prize? Email! #backtoschool #themotherhoodisreal #smashbox #strollerstrides

#latergram That time the dance studio was closed for maintenance during the last week of a Body Back session! These ladies were SUCH troopers, they were amazing. Unfortunately, there are pretty much no replacement options at 7pm at Greenlake (if you have one on M/W nights, PM me) so outside we went! #bootcamp #bodyback #greenlake #hiit

This just arrived in my personal Inbox from a gym that I tried one class at and didn't like at all. I feel like my gut was right on that one. Here's a summer detox for you: your liver. Ta da!

I very rarely bust this move out, but since we were doing partner work in Body Back today, I had to do it! Partner workouts are so much fun :) (sorry Strides ladies, this one is strictly BB) #bodyback #partnerworkout #thatonewasreallyhard #bootcamp #fit4mom

1 sign of a great summer: you forget to take pics most of the time. So instead, I'm going to post some of my faves! This is a Body Back workout on a weekend morning at Greenlake! I love these #hiit workouts, because they're a chance to not only challenge these ladies, but to also seem them give me their best. It may look different from day to day, but it is really amazing to see the determination that these ladies put into that single hour. I love it! #bodyback #bootcamp #themotherhoodisreal #momlife #seattlemom

Your kids are out of the stroller. You're back to work. You're ready for that killer workout. Now what? Body Back. That's what. Sessions start early September in Greenlake, Queen Anne, and Capitol Hill. Need details? Shoot us a quick message or email and we'll get you everything you need to know. #bodyback #hiit #seattlemom #fit4mom #bootcamp #hiit

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