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Bridget was one of those new moms who didn't have a clue, but luckily stumbled into her first Stroller Strides class in August of '09. A lifelong athletic dilettante and lonely new mom, the most enticing part of Stroller Strides was that classes were offered 4 mornings a week and that there were other moms to talk to. Bridget was probably the most regular attender, and also probably talked the most through the whole class, but somewhere along the way something clicked. Motherhood became a turning point, and woke up the inner athlete. After joining Run Club, that was it. 8 marathons including 1 Boston Marathon, 20+ half marathons later, it's like a whole different person and a whole new path appeared. FIT4MOM became more than just something to do in the mornings, it was the beginning of a whole new life path. Part of that path was a leap of faith to opening a FIT4MOM franchise (which was at the time still under the Stroller Strides umbrella) in Fall '11, and then taking over the Seattle group at the beginning of '13. It's been new adventures with the moms of Seattle ever since!

What's your "why": Having a baby was so much more difficult than I ever expected, I truly love being able to work with new moms as they make this life transition themselves. There is such power in building a community of supportive women, and I genuinely hope that other women build those lasting relationships that I was able to do. But beyond that, I think that it's important to empower women through health and fitness. So much of what we talk about when it comes to motherhood is simply the number on the scale, and as women we are so often judged by our bodies first. With exercise, this is something we do to take back our own bodies, and to put them back after the changes through pregnancy and childbirth.

Favorite exercise: it changes arbitrarily, but if I only had to do 1 exercise for the rest of my life it would be a burpee!

Fun Fact: I can throw a punch! I spent a couple of years boxing and kickboxing, though never got to the point where I was close to getting in the ring.


Gwen Reider is a Fit4Mom client turned instructor. She discovered and then fell in love with Bridget's Fit4Mom classes after her second son was born. (Was it the speed skaters or the step outs that truly hooked her?? Both are fabulous moves!). Feeling rejuvenated and connected to other moms, Gwen decided to get her instructor license and teach. Gwen and her husband have two children, Isaac and Arthur. She loves to run, travel, and catch up on sleep when she isn't chasing after her kids.

What's your "why": It's the connection between the moms. Community is so important!

Favorite exercise move: Speedskaters

Fun fact: smoked salmon for breakfast is Gwen's perfect way to start the day! You can take the girl out of Alaska, but not the Alaska out of the girl.

Madeline Bersamina became a FIT4MOM client when her daughter Genevieve was about 3 months old and has been hooked on the workout and the community ever since. She still remembers being sore for an entire 3 days after her first curtsy lunges! Madeline became an instructor in December 2016, and loves that this role gives her an opportunity to connect with brand-new moms, as well as share her song stylings with an appreciative infant audience. She enjoys yoga, cooking, and playing at the park with Genevieve.

What's your "why": I am passionate about connecting with new moms! In fact, in addition to teaching FIT4MOM classes, I also lead PEPS groups

Favorite exercise move: Bicep curls

Fun fact: Madeline is also a classical soprano who specializes in Baroque repertoire... when she isn't singing Old MacDonald or Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Jessica Aguilar first took a Fit4Mom Seattle Stroller Strides class back in November of 2014, and couldn't stop talking about Bridget's awesome workouts (including those Body Back ones!) and the camaraderie and support of this amazingly welcoming community. Crazily enough, when given the choice, she'll still pick burpees over any other exercise, well, besides running! After some time off, Jessica is excited to be back and eager to share her love for fitness, running and motherhood with some amazing women. She and her husband have two boys, Alexander and William. She enjoys running, baking, spending time with friends and family, and being outdoors.

Favorite exercise move: Burpees!

Fun fact:
back in her college days, she played DIII tennis for Whitman College.more
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